What is the difference between you and the other IP database ?
1. We are more strict for review the storing the IP data, we require higher accuracy requirements for accuracy .
2. We have some ways to collect and storing the IP data, including:
  (1) 200+ worldwide networks monitoring points of the network monitoring which constantly increasing;
  (2) We own or other trusted source of data;
  (3) Global WHOIS / BGP / ASN data;
  (4) Global Internet Exchange Point data (already existed);
  (5) Self-maintenance global RDNS methods and the IP backbone network database;
  (6) Feedback from customers and partners;
  (7) Correction of the data submitted by users;
  (8) Other ways;
How accurate of the IP database ?
In fact , has a large number of global IP data changes every day , so there is no 100% accurate IP database theoretically.
In this situation, there is no standard answer, only way is geting more and more relevant data.
Why GOOGLE, LEVEL3 backbone network and other non-geographic information appears in the database?
In general, the IP address range of these segments use ANYCAST technology, or can not locate a geographic location by IP router address。
Why do I use the phone number to from Beijing to other cities, see the IP address still in Beijing?
This should be called the IP Roaming, that is normal if you use a Beijing numbers in cities, all will see Beijing's IP address.
Do you need if I had trusted attribution datas?
Of course, the more the better. We are also willing to talk about the cooperation.
What is the IP database update frequency?
We strive to do daily updates, at least weekday update.
About IP Database Paid Version
Why is there a free version and a paid version?
IP database is very long-term maintenance takes time and effort, and we need income to maintain the product fast and well.
And the free version is good enough for for general users.
Does the Paid version provide an interface to the database update mode?
What is the scene for the API / DAT / DATX three format?
If you have a large amount of data to be processed, or processing speed sensitive, so DAT / DATX is good;
if the latitude and longitude and timezone information is needed, then DATX is good;
if your is a low usage user and data handle in the apps or clients , API method is fited.
You can not handed over the interface or Web site user account password to other third parties.
Once happened, we are immediately stop the service, no refund.
What others datas you can offer?
Phone number belonging database.
Any questions , please contact gaochunhui@gmail.com